4 Contrarian BUT Golden Rule Principles We Live By:

PRINCIPLE #1: Offer Expert IT support & consulting at a most affordable rate.

As a non-profit we know that every dollar counts and that computer problems can quickly rack up large bills. Not only have we managed to get you a great rate through utilizing remote overseas contractors but we also bring you their unique expertise of providing IT solutions within limited budgets.

PRINCIPLE #2: Sell nothing but time & thereby eliminate unsuitable solutions due to bias.

We only partner with our clients, not vendors! As your trusted consultants we want nothing clouding our vision when we make our recommendations and work on your projects. Sadly we have found that establishing vendor relationships and selling products most of the time generates the same effect as a bribe.

PRINCIPLE #3: Document everything and be willing to train and share knowledge.

We have seen too often companies that feel trapped because their IT Company holds all the keys. We never want anyone feeling like this. Also we know that many times you just want someone to teach you how to manage your technologies so you can keep your cost down. We fully document all services & solutions and if you want any of your staff trained just let us know.

PRINCIPLE #4: Have the integrity to stand behind all work with a Rock Solid Guarantee

Why should you pay for services that you aren’t happy with or you feel don’t meet your needs? We fully believe in the value we provide to our clients but to ensure you don’t ever end up in a situation where you feel you got the short end of the stick we have determined to take all the risk. You can view our Rock Solid Guarantee below and know you can rest easy.

Professional Services Offered By ITAID.net

ITAID.net has a team of experts that can handle all your IT needs. From Consulting to desktop support we have the talent to get your business running smoothly with the leverage you need.

NOTE: All services below are performed “Remotely” which results in much lower overhead and a lower cost to you. In today’s technically advanced world over 95% of all IT needs can be handled with out any physical interaction. By simply connecting to your PC or Server via a secure remote tool we can fix most all issues and complete projects.

In those cases which you need on-site assistance you can rest assured that our staff will consult with you to either A. Help someone on your staff with general IT competence complete the task or B. Make sure you find a cost-effective solution for on-demand on-site technical help to supplement our services.

Consulting Services

-Network Security Consulting
-Windows Server Consulting
-Cloud Solutions Consulting
-Website & Linux Consulting
-VoIP PBX System Consulting

Network Services

-Firewall & Switch Configuration
-Intrusion Detection & Prevention
-Network Engineering & Design
-Security Audits & Monitoring
-General Network Administration

Windows Services

-Windows Desktop Support
-Windows Server Support
-Windows Backup & Recovery
-Industry Specific Software
-Exchange & MSSQL Support

Website & Linux Services

-Website Design & Graphics
-Linux Server Administration
-PHP & CSS Programming
-Website E-commerce Design
-Search Engine Optimization

Cloud Services

-VMware & HyperV Solutions
-Virtual Private Servers
-Cloud Backup & Recovery
-Cloud File & Documentation
-Datacenter Design & Support

VoIP PBX Services

-VoIP PBX Phone Systems
-Open Source PBX Systems
-Asterisk Programming
-SIP Phone Deployment
-FreePBX Engineering

I felt hopelessly held hostage...

My former IT guys had me so spun in so many directions and left me feeling held hostage and unable to get free. I connected with ITAID.net and wow what a relief! I feel like I actually understand my network now and am in charge once more. Thank you ITAID.net ! — Jaimee Roose, Village Oaks Assisted Living, INC.

Billing – Satisfaction – Low Hourly Flat Rate Pricing:

We charge hourly for all services and bill monthly only after services have been performed and satisfaction has been approved by the client. Our Rate is “100% ALL-INCLUSIVE”. Whether it’s Consulting, Engineering, Help Desk, Cloud Services, etc., $65/hr is what you will pay.  No Hidden Fees Guaranteed!


One Low Flat Hourly Rate*

  • The USA Average Hourly Rate for IT Services is $120 / hr. This is according to an authoritative National Survey done by Kaseya, Inc. For details click here: National Pricing Survey by Kaseya

* Our all-inclusive rate covers only services performed during the normal business hours which are Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5pm. ITAID.net does offer Emergency Off Hours Tech Services which will be billed at a rate of $105 / hr.

“If your ever not fully satisfied with the service you have received just let us know and if we can’t fix it or make you one happy customer then there will be No Charge.”

Our Team of Professionals:

Each of our team members is an expert in their field and the services highlighted. Each had been hand-picked to ensure the highest quality of work is performed at the fastest rate possible.

All members on our team meet the following requirements:

  • Have proved their expertise is of Professional Engineering level.
  • Has strong English skills and the ability to communicate in a non-tech way.
  • Has shown great interest in supporting charitable causes.
  • Has had a thorough background check ensuring top notch character.


If you would like to find out more about how we can provide you a completely unique service experience then please fill out the form to the right and you will be contacted shortly by one of our consultants.